The spice supply chain isn't transparent, it doesn't recognize the role of farmers (particularly women), and it's missing mind blowing flavour.

Shilpa, founder and CEO of No Women, No Spice, spent decades working working at the intersection of agriculture, environment and gender equity in Asia, Africa and Latin America, where she saw outdated systems, rooted in colonialism, continue to dominate agriculture and trade. These systems do not benefit farmers or consumers. 

If we were really going to address challenges we face today and into the future we need a reboot. A reboot of how we eat, live and work. 

Buying spices is fun, informative, and it can create a better future for farmers and foodies.

We’re here for the colorflavor, and goodness.

Great spices, great outcome.

No Women No Spice isn't just an alternative; its an example. An example of an industry that can shed its exploitative past to create a modern economy that is better for the all of us.

Let's Reboot the Spice Route!

  • Empowering Farmers

  • Sustainable Farming Communities

  • Enriching Culinary Expeiences

Shilpa Tiwari, the founder of No Woman No Spice, leverages her deep expertise in sustainability, ESG, and social impact to lead a significant transformation within the spice industry. Her career is highlighted by her work in economic development through agriculture in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, with a focused commitment to gender equity and women's empowerment. Shilpa's visionary leadership is guiding No Woman No Spice toward redefining the norms of the spice trade, positioning it as a tangible example of positive, sustainable change. Under her direction, the company is setting new standards for inclusivity and sustainability, firmly establishing itself as a model for ethical and equitable business practices in the industry.